Impressed! : 感動した!

I went to Coffee shop for Australia Japan Society event.
What I was impressed was the manager (barista) of shop really loved coffee and explained about coffee, like as kids.
He loves and is proud of his job and is energetic go work. He has passion of coffee!
He is the best aussie worker ever. I was really impressed. He’s been studying cofee for 10 years.
It was absolutely awesome experience.

He asked me “Do you have passion of your job?”. I don’t really have passion for web design, but I’m really enthsiastic to manage the company. I especially focus on bringing up my staff.
Web design or develop software is exately the same as the other manufacture. The difference is what tool we use for the job, hummer, knife or computer. That’s it. To produce something, it’s the same. For IT, it’s a little bit easier to make money without doing lots of things (automatic) and to do innovative thing.

However, I’ve been really enjoying my IT job so far, but I’ll start new business which is what I really want to do. Educational service, it will probably change Japanese bad atomosphere and what I want, so that service is mixed up what I need.
I want to be working like that aussie guy in coffee shop in the future, it’s gonna be happy and great.






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