I got remarried and now live in Cairo!


Hi, Everyone! I’m so sorry for this late notice.

I got remarried a few days ago!



My new wife is Jessica.
We met each other on the screen. It was INTO THE BLUE.
She is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and…. hot! I can’t still believe that I’m with her.


We’ve already got children. Our life is just amazing and I can say it’s happy-remarriage.




However, there is one thing I can’t understand.
His name is Kevin, one of my sons, but he doesn’t look my baby.
I will try DNA test soon.
I promise! I trust her with my soul.




There is a contract between Jessica and me for marriage. We have 25,000 points on that contract.

To be honest, I’m bit surprised, but she is American so I should understand what she wants.

Maybe, She’s much better than J.LO, so I’m lucky.
J.Lo’s Marriage Vows




By the way, we now live in Cairo, Egypt. It’s really busy town, but energetic.





We should get used to life in Cairo so were looking for historical house. It was pretty expensive, but we bought brilliant isolated house.
My friends told it’s hard to find the entrance, but it’s good for anti-crime, so we’re truly satisfied.
We don’t get plenty of sun, but not too bad.


On the right side, it’s new home!
That pointed top is cool, isn’t it? We didn’t choose modern and colorful, Just one color! Simple is best.

On the left, our guard-dog names Jack. He doesn’t move quickly, but is formidable enough to give most people pause and then we didn’t see thieves.

Jack is clever dog.




There is one thing Jack doesn’t care people look like those. Jack may feel comfortable.

They often come here with a shovel and a pick. I don’t know why. Do they dig something?




It’s 1st April. New school term has just started in Japan. New things stared and are changing.

This is time to make an entirely fresh start.
Have a good one!


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