"Furikome swindle" and Cabinet savings : 振り込め詐欺とたんす預金

Do you know “Furikome swindle”? This is kind of bank transfer scam which often happenes in Japan. Victims are bacially senior people and I think this is a symbric crime in Japan. Total financial damage reached couple of billion JPY per year. This is really interesting fact.  We feel that Japan is in down turn, but, where does this money come from? How it can be? The answer is cabinet savings. I’ve heard 70% of asset of Japan is cabinet savings. Seniors have money, young don’t.

In my opinion, this crime shows the market cannot withdraw money from senior market properly. Of course, swindle is illegal, but we can think about valuable products which seniors pay money to get. There are still a lot of oppotunities in Japan. Let’s provide valuable goods for senior and correct money legally.

Then Japanese economy may be able to recover. This is one of ways to re-establishment.





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