Last night of Bachelordom : 独身最後の夜

I suddenly realized that it’s gonna be the last night of Bachelordom

My girlfriend will be my wife, went out somewhere like Hen’s night. I prefer she to go out more.

For me, I don’t go anywhere like Stag night, and I’m just working. This marriage is just to submit application form to the government in Japan, so I don’t feel anything special.
I should have applied here in Perth to have small ceremony. It costs less than thousand dollars.

I’m sleepy n will sleep.
Just right now, I got call from her to pick up…..dummm

I’ll be a new World President from tomorrow.


嫁さん、になる人はHen’s Nightとばかりに遊びに出かけてしまっております。普段からもっともっと外出してくれてもいいんですけど。

さて、こちらはというとStag nightとばかりに遊びに行くわけでもなく、ひっそりと仕事をこなしております。日本での書類提出だけなんであまり実感が沸きませんね。



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