Kokubo Kazuhiro (Snow Boader) : 国母和宏

As I mentioned before that Asasyoryu was not bullied because of he is not Japanese. It proved this news which is Kokubo was not wearing national uniform properly.
Japanese don’t like people who are extraordinary. A tall tree catches much wind.
This is because of his uniform and I felt this was exactly Japanese. I thought let him perform at the competition first. If he doesn’t get any good result, he will make him miserable by himself. Japanese tend to be too modest then result also tends to be worse. This is Japanese.
Seiko hashimoto, captain of Japan team let him snowboad. That decision is really nice.

I wish him to get gold medal to change people’s mind.

After he gets gold medal, I think he should reflect on this problem like “Sorry, I was too young.”. He will probably regret what he did in 5 years or 10 years. If he doesn’t want somebody else complain to him, he needs gold medal.

As I mentioned before, everything is based on rules, so after achieve your dream let’s reflect on it. Don’t lose before the race.

I think that Japanese should balance on keeping history and breaking history.
This might be why Japan is still kind of isolated.









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