Arrested! : 逮捕!

I was cought during driving.

I was stopping at the light, I was on the left lane and Police man was on the right lane.

There was a car in front of me, so that was the situation I had to change the lane.

Of course, neighber was police man, so I thought I should let them go first, but they didn’t start faster, so I started faster and chaned the line.

And then, blow a horn and turn the light on.

I was stopped and he said it was dengerous driving, so 6 points. In my lisence condition, I had to wear visual aid, so it was double offence.

I don’t know how much I have to pay, but I might need to go to the court. He might have said court, but I was really disappointed at that time, so I couldn’t really hear it.

I’m pretty sure, it was not too bad driving and I didn’t make them hit the skids.
In addition, only the driver was angry and the other two were not. I would say he is only sensitive, otherwise, I was feeling something like discrimination.
Just in case, if I go to the court, I will reveal those things and I won’t do reluctant concession. I will fight in the court! as long as I can manage other things.

I’ll get Asian rights! lol











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