Swine Flu : 豚インフルエンザ

I don’t really know what’s happening in Japan with Swine Flu, but I think it’s too much.
There are some people were dead by Swine flu, but that case is special case I guess. In my opinion, healthy adults won’t get swine flu. Will they? People who is exhausted or immune is weaker, will probably get swine flu, but should we be careful that too much?
If I were Japan, I wouldn’t have wore mask.

In addition, swine flu is really weak for high temperature, it will die with just 70 degree. If you cook with fire, it won’t be any problem.

Again! Just in case, if you get Swine flu, are you going to die? Nope! You won’t. You may have terrible symptom. That’s it.

Japanese people are really easy to be affect by Media and mood. I’m watching that from overseas and I think they’re talking about Swine flu too much.
Japanese also save money with problems which don’t relate to them. Swine flu is affecting Japanese economy. I strongly recommend Japanese media to find out positive news to improve its economy, but they show just ridiculous Swine flu.
Hopefully, media try to get attention to cover this big recession, but it won’t make positive result anyway.

Japanese should see the things objectively and should have own criterion to judge the things.
That’s it.









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