Japanese Economy and Japanese Idle "AKB48" : 日本経済とAKB48

Are we now in recession? Music rables say CD can’t be bought, but is that because of internet? Think about it.

How can teenager buy 100 of CDs? Actually it happened in Japan. If the economy is really bad, do people buy 100 of CDs? eventhough they are all the same.

In my opinion “Recession = People’s mind” especially in Japan. Basically, we can buy anything nowadays and people tend to buy cheaper goods, but if we think something valuable, we will buy it.

Japanese idle group “AKB48” is just this. This is exactely the “Business model”, so there are still a lot of things we can think. If your friend is not interested in AKB48, yours don’t have sense of business. It’s up to you whether you like member in AKB or not.






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