Nuclear Power Plant : 原子力発電所

It’s too late to write about this, but just trying.
I’m not stand for opposition of nuclear plant or even don’t support it.
The important thing is to run Japanese economy as usual, this is because we can’t stop supplying electric.

From several points of view, I think that we need to continue nuclear plant. Left wing? Hysteric? people oppose nuclear, in fact, it’s impossible to accept at the moment.

Opposition of nuclear is good idea, but the thing is how we generate substitute energy. If we could create substitute energy, we would be able to stop nuclear station step by step. Unfortunately, Japan can’t survive without nuclear plant these days.

Nuclear plant is the safest way to generate electric if there is no accident. (but it actually happened in the world…)

This may be different problem, but I would like to mention is lack of leadership of Japanese government. It doesn’t make sense to talk about current situation. Who choose our leader, politicians? We did it. So we’ve been creating our problem by ourselves. That’s pretty shame.

Then I’m thinking and trying is to grow next leader, education is really important. I want to see Japan is changing before I die.

By the way, I listened to “Human Power Plant” by Budha Brand(Japanese Musician) n it’s good one. Maybe young people think this song is by Milya Katoh.

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