Knowing true value : 真価を知る

Don’t be puzzed by any mass media. Try to find true value.

– Number of suicide
30,000 p/y in Japan. I’ve been thinking that number is too many, but this number has declined since Meiji Period by Tweet of CEO Hori from GLOBIS. This number can be increasing by how mass media show this number.

– Depression patient
After biggest pharmaceutical company promotes its new medicine for depression, for example, the number of patients will increase. This is real data by several countries.

– Economy
If someone says recession, everyone saves money, but think about it, do you buy drink 110 yen used to be 100 yen? Yes, you do. You won’t starve even you buy more expensive one.

– Job Hunting
Everyone says and knows it’s ice age now. In fact, most of countries are looking for people.
*Interviewer is humanbeing as same as you, and they can’t really estimate how valuable you are. WhenDuring job interview at “Rakuten”, I realized that interviewer couldn’t rally estimate who I am and said “Can I go home?”. Of course, I was failed, but this is job hunting.
If you have more than 10 job interviews, try to have some of those not seriously. You can do all of them, if you want.
There is definately “luck” to join a company.








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