Stop living in peace, transcend parents age! : 安住やめ親世代超える

Happy new year! I really wish you all a very happy new year!

I’ve just read Nikkei Japanese newspaper. Heading is “Stop living in peace, transcend parents age” as same as today’s title.
Certainly. I totally agree with it. I want young people to read it. This would be pointless that our parents age read this.

Kids are grown by education. The first biggest education is given by parents.
It’s a case of an ordinary parent producing a superior child. (A falcon is born from a black kite. It’s a Japanese version of proverb.)
If we don’t do that, we don’t grow up in next age. It’s difficult to transcend parents age if the value is created by parents’ value of dull uniformity. I became parent and our kid has no limits potential and opportunities. When they born, they are already clever than us. We can choose that grow up that potential and kill potential.

I really thank my parents.
But, our parents age follows live in peace too much, unfortunately. Yes, it’s inevitable, coz they work as hard as they can after world war 2 to get rich and varied life. However, they could grow after WW2 with economic growth even they didn’t think anything. Finally, they established value of dull uniformity and created a sense of stagnation and their desert is not small.

I’m now meeting high school kids as work. Parents too. I convinced that kids are grown by their parents cultivation and education.
They say “My child is not clever”. There are many of them. Think about it! Your child is grown by your hand. You make yours grow. You couldn’t really pull out potential of your child.

New year has come.
I’m thinking of past years. I think that I have been doing my best as much as I could and I have notbeen really lazy, but it was not really my best.
I will estimate myself this year, so I will do my best, really. If I feel limitation, my potentail is that. This is my determination of 2011.

Life is choice and decision.
The number of decision makes quality of decision better and also better life.
I’ll do anything immidiately, don’t postpone decision making.

I wish you all happy new year again!

I can do it.











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