Yokomine Method : ヨコミネ式保育園

I went to see a kindergarden which I graduated long time ago. This kindergarden installed Yokomine Method which is kind of Japanese Montessori Method (It’s actually different, but it’s the best way to explain) and promoted by TV.
Children can handstand and walk, do vaulting box taller than them and it was unbliebably amazing. I could talk with director and also asked operation of kindergarden. We are alumni of the same university in Japan.

There are many things I have to consider, but profit is based on number of children for authorised kindergarden. This kindergarden is kind of state operated. First of all, I need hardware like place and building, otherwise cannot get any profit at all.

It might be the best way to start kindergarden is small childcare. I want to install Yokomine method, but there is a rule which we cannot install that method within the same city, but it is possible because there is exception.

There are over 500 children who have been waiting for entering kindergarden in my home town. Possibly more.

I’m almost there and understand what to do.

I’ll meet secretary of politician and attend seminar for childcare tomorrow.

What I need right now is initial investment and timing and….

Maybe luck.










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