Latitude E6500 : Latitude E6500

I got new loptop, CPU 2.9GHz, RAM 4GB with Windows XP, but it’s starting up really slow. I can’t be hesitate and clean installed.
Especially Dell’s applications were slow. Low quality. Wireless application is not working efficientely. e.g. if I don’t use that software, bps won’t change. That means nothing.
I supposed Dell is just computer without unecessary softwares, isn’t it?
After intalling, it’s perfect and really fast. Windows XP should be so.


CPU 2.9Ghz, RAM 4GB WindowsはあえてXP、なのに起動が遅すぎる。耐えかねて新規インストール
とくにDELLのControl Centerとか何とかが動いて遅い。質が悪い。

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